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Unusual Pet Project: #3 Hedgehog (Tiggy)

Meet Tiggy the hedgehog. This little quilled dumpling is a quick, cute explorer of worlds.

Burrowing into couch cushions, waddling under kitchen islands and crispy leaves, padding into and out of cupped hands, and skittering on onto little yellow flower sheets, this little gal was tough and rewarding to photograph.

Tiggy had me on my hands and knees playing hide and seek with this little wonder.

Her parents and three siblings (and two pups) love her very much. Lexi and her ultra creative family (painter, sculptor, poet, etc.) have learned so much about Tiggy’s odd and semi anti-social and secretive habits.

One cool trait: when hedgehogs get very excited they foam at the mouth and vomit on their back (I know, bear with me) so that they can smell the scent of the exciting place again on their little quilled backs. I mean what?! Gross but resourceful. And we witnessed Tiggy doing this very thing in her front yard garden.

The littlest child in the house connects with Tiggy most of all. You can see it in the way the little girl gently interacts with this sensitive and seemingly anxious creature.

She squats down and calmly cups her hands for Tiggy to join her. You can safely guess this sweet toddler has identified her spirit animal early in life.

More on Tiggy, her people, and her behaviors to come on my blog (link in bio) and in a future publication. 💕 🦔

Coming soon:

* 28 y/o Ball Python

* Ayam Cemani, a rare all black Indonesian chicken with a black heart 🖤

* Flying squirrel…!

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