• Karim Shehadeh

Why do we like photographing things?

I think about this a lot because I do it a lot. What is that makes me want to capture or still or freeze a frame? It's an ever evolving answer for me. This is because, usually, my most favorite pictures are those that I did not mean to get, that I accidentally-ish snapped, or that I just sort of shot not thinking about it. A zen-like state is important for photographers. Too much thinking about what's happening, the light, settings, how your camera will perform, what position you're in, the elements, the possible distractors that may mess up the picture - all of this is stupid. Obvi, the most beautiful things in life happen because we feel love, emote love, receive love and are generous to those around us. The moment I feel a lot of love for a person, a place or a thing -- a kind of surge of positive, endless, joy at someone or something - that's when I take a picture (or write a poem). But with the camera it's pretty awesome because you get to actually take that piece of life- as it is - and recreate it AS IT APPEARED TO YOU and felt to you in the moment. So, you get to fall in love and then see that love again, translated by time. That's pretty interesting. So, that's part of it.

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