• Karim Shehadeh

Who do you think you are?

Sisters playing with slime in their back yard.

We're all sick of traditional photos. Even if you don't know you're sick of them, you are. We don't like posing. We don't like being asked to "act natural." What we need is to witness each other. What we need and want is to see each other, and ourselves, as we are. Imperfection, complexity, actual joy and awkwardness and tears and laughter. That's the good stuff. It's not everything, I don't want to photograph people fighting or car accidents or dog fights, but I do want to see past fakery and get into the grit and dirt of having a family, a partner, friendships, kids. When it comes to family photography, the days of sitting on a sand dune wearing matching outfits with your grandparents and your husband are over. Ew!

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