We loved Mollye instantly. She made us feel at ease with her warm smile and friendliness. Her work really captured our family’s true nature. She finds the love, the moment, the candid smile from a child’s infectious laughter, and presents them to her client timely and professionally. We are looking forward to our next session.


"Mollye has taken several personal brandingportrait sessions of me over the years and each time she mnages to capture different aspexts of my perssonality. Her work is auhtentic and her approach is too - you can always expect to find joy and humor when you work with her. She's always interested in trying new things and new approaches, but she never strays from who she is as a photographer. For her, finding the emotion and the internal characer each person displays is what makes her photography so compelling. I highly recommend her.


Mollye Miller is exceptional. She crossed streams, climbed hills and may have gotten a bit muddy keeping up with our kiddo, but we feel so lucky to be able to capture this stage of his life, his adventurous spirit, and our love of the outdoors. She even got our dog in there! To know that it also helps another family who maybe otherwise couldn’t afford to capture these types of memories feels great. Love your mission and creative eye, Mollye!


"Mollye was perfect in documenting our newborn baby. She put all of us at ease, and was very flexible (since babies are not)! We loved our time with her and love the photos she captured."


We absolutely loved working with Mollye! My fiance and I were a bit nervous/uncomfortable on our way, as we are not usually ones to have our pictures taken. Mollye made it so natural and easy. We were able to simply be us - laugh, smooch, play with our crazy pup, and dance. She truly went above and beyond and took her time to capture our friendship and laughs so beautifully. We cannot wait to use her again for our future milestones!

-Mackenzie & Sam

"Mollye captured our family beautifully! Her creativity and expertise was evident in every interaction - from initial email to the finished product. Mollye related to every member of our family in a unique way and in doing so, brought out the best in all of us. We are so grateful for sharing her gifts with us!"


"Mollye welcomed us and was ready to go when we arrived at our meeting place. Her enthusiasm is infectious and her manner is comforting. She allowed our kids to warm to her and the camera and worked confidently. She really is an artist and I'm thrilled with the moments she captured."