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  • You describe your style as "documentary." Does that mean no posing and no looking at the camera at all?What's your photo style? I don't like posed pictures where my kids' smiles look fake..."
    My family photo sessions are casual and candid. I do not pose you or tell you what to do. Because of that, my pictures are authentic, and show you as you are. In the first few minutes of the session, I introduce myself to everyone, talk with you, interact with the kids, and I might take a few pics. This intro period gets everyone comfortable with me and with the environment. From then on, it’s free-form and candid all the way! I’m there to document you. Some people may worry they will be “boring” without the photographer telling them what to do. No one I have ever photographed has ever been boring. People are inherently fascinating. Promise.
  • Where do we meet?
    We can meet wherever you'd like in the Baltimore area. You can fill that out on the booking form. If you want to meet outside of Baltimore, we can chat about any travel costs for that.
  • What do we wear?
    Very basic advice - dress like you. If you don't usually wear dressy clothing, don't. Choose an outfit that's comfy and fits your style. I'd just say avoid graphics like logos and lettering on t-shirts. Those don't photograph well. And if you can, add some layers (jacket, scarf, etc.) Layers add interest but also allow for removing or adding clothing if it gets warm or cool. Definitely ask me for help if you want. I am more than happy to offer suggestions as you look forward to your shoot.
  • What if my child has a tantrum and/or cries?
    Love it! I work with the reality of the situation. Whatever you do to calm your child, I'm there for it. We'll work through it together while I document.
  • My partner hates being photographed. How can you help him feel more at ease and maybe even enjoy it?
    I totally get it. Because the sessions aren't posed at all, it usually makes the guys (especially) relax a bit. I would remind your partner that I will not make you kiss or hold hands or smile for an hour. It's all about me engaging with you a bit and otherwise letting you be yourselves. I'm also an akward person and say dumb things so that usually makes people laugh!
  • I don't want photos of my kids online. Can you accomodate that?
    I hear you. My contract states that I have a full model release for all of the pictures to use for my website and promotional purposes on social media and email campaigns. However, if you feel strongly that you don't want any pictures revealed we can ammend the contract.
  • Why is this called branding and not portraits?
    Branding photoshoots reveal a subject's nature mixed with their business's "personality" and objectves; portraits reveal the person's nature.
  • What do I wear?
    The look you want is all about YOUR brand. I can offer some tips but mostly this is up to you and how you want to convey your look. If you're a real estate agent, it's less important than if you're a fashion designer or a designer, for example. Basic tip: dress in layers. Layers add interest but also allow for removing or adding clothing if it gets warm or cool. Think scarfs, hats, vests, jackets. Ask me for help if you want - I am more than happy to offer suggestions as we look forward to our shoot.
  • What's the purpose of a "personal branding" photoshoot?"
    Persoanal branding images show off the energy of your brand, your personality, and the way you show up emotionally. It's important for potential clients to know the face of the brand but not in a staged headshot kind of way. What's your brand's vibe? Is it fun? Passionate? Full of heart? Big on mindfulness and peace? I work with you to figure that out in order to take pictures that not only represent you but define your brand.
  • Will you pose me?
    Not really. I let each person’s personality and beauty and spontaneity come through. I have techniques that will calm you and get you feeling more relaxed, like closing your eyes for a moment and taking a deep breath before I snap a picture. So I will certainly help in those ways. The most important thing is that you have fun, and feel relaxed and true to your own moods.
  • Will you pose my baby?
    ⁠Nope. I'll guide the parents toward good light and recommend places in the house or outdoors. Otherwise, it's candid and natural. If you want newborn photos with your baby curled up in a stork’s nest or dressed as a sparkly butterfly, I’m not your gal. I'm all about humor and real life.
  • What kind of props or special items do I need to have ready?
    None! And you don't need to clean your house either ;)
  • My baby cries A LOT! What techniques do you have to calm her?
    Crying is totally allowed and encouraged. That's how the little ones communicate. I don't have calming techniques - I'l leave those up to you. But I do have patience and a sense of humor, and I like a good dramatic shot of a baby crying for sure. I think you will too. More more tolerable without sound ;)
  • I will likely need to feed my baby during the session. How do you handle that interruption?
    It's not an interrpution at all. Baby runs the show. I usually allot at least 2 hours for newborn photoshoots. I'm not taking pictures the whole time, since some breaks are needed for mom and baby. But otherwise I'm there to document it all. If you want breastfeeding pictures (some moms do, some absolutely do not) I'm up for whatever you choose.
  • This is our third child. Can siblings join in the photoshoot? Pets too??
    Absolutely! While your little guy or gal remains the star of the show, I photograph parents, siblings, and pets, too.
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