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When I photograph your family or do a portrait session for you, I want you to feel relaxed and yourself. It's hard to be 100% yourself with others, I know, but I work to connect with you and catch your best self/selves.


When I send you your photoshoot gallery, I want you to think, “woah, she really saw me.” 


To fully capture your family in its most intimate and comfortable, I use a documentary-style approach. I witness and photograph you doing your thing as a family - making breakfast, going to the park, preparing for a birthday party, taking the dog for a stroll. I get to photograph you in your habitat, wherever you call "home." 

Your family is the most important thing in the world to you, and I know you want awesome pictures you can share and print and hang on to for life.


So, if I sound like a good fit and you life my style, I'd love to be your family's go-to photographer.

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