About Me

In the morning I’m:

Drinking dark roast coffee (in a mug, no travel mugs),  walking my dog Zuri. Then I’m running and getting soggy with sweat, chugging water, drinking more coffee and getting to work. 


In the afternoon I’m:

Out on a photoshoot, editing previous photos, or taking notes for some future thing I'll write. At 3pm you can find me listening to a funny podcast like Comedy Bang Bang or Scam Goddess to keep my mood high, and thinking about good things in the world, like my little awesome nephews, Miller and Walker, my  stepkids, and the future.


In the evening I’m:

Going on walks with Zuri and my stepkids still at home (14 & 17) getting reprimanded for screaming with excitement at too many things, then going home and chilling with my babe Karim and sipping some wine (any color). Lastly you'll find me reading in bed and spilling my mind into my journal.


About My Sessions

When I photograph your family or do a portrait session for you, I want you to feel relaxed and yourself. It's hard to be 100% yourself with others, I know, but I work to connect with you and catch your best self/selves. You can read more about how I run my sessions here


When I send you your photoshoot gallery, I want you to think, “woah, she really saw me.” 


To fully capture you, I use a documentary-style approach. I do not pose clients; instead, I witness and photograph you doing your thing. If it's a family photoshoot,  maybe you're making breakfast, going to the park, celebrating a birthday, taking the dog for a stroll. I want you to be comfy and relaxed, and I'll get to work.

If I sound like a good fit, I'd love to be your go-to photographer. Book a session today, and/or contact me below to say hi.