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About Me

I'm a Baltimore-based, emotion-driven photographer who believes good things happen when we choose to see each other fully.


In the morning I’m:

Drinking dark roast coffee (in a mug, no travel mugs),  walking my dog Zuri. Then I’m running or walking more, coming up with project ideas, drinking more coffee and getting to work alongside my 3 cats, a.k.a. smooshies: Asterix, Obelix and our new addition, Slinky. 


In the afternoon I’m:

Out on a photoshoot, editing previous photos, or once again exceeding my storage space on my phone with notes, snapshots adn . At 3pm you can find me listening to a funny podcast like Comedy Bang Bang or Scam Goddess or Sounds Like a Cult to keep my mood high (I feel low at 3pm, anyone else?) and focusing on good things in the world, like my three funny, super talented, way-taller-than-me and almost adult stepkids, Ian, Luke and Hannah (21, 18, 16)  and my lil nephews, Miller and Walker. Also I'm future-gazing, relying on the fact that if we want things to be better we will make it that way.


In the evening I’m:

Going on a final walk with Zuri, creating mayhem which is feeding three cats and a dog at once, finishing up some final detail, project or voice memo (again, I have massive iPhone storage issues) chilling with my babe Karim. Then, off to dream some series of dreams I will oddly vividly remember.


About My Sessions

When I photograph your family or do a portrait session for you, I want you to feel relaxed and yourself. It's hard to be 100% yourself with others, I know, but I work to connect with you and catch your best self/selves. You can read more about how I run my sessions here. 


When I send you your photoshoot gallery, I want you to think, “woah, she really saw me.” 


To fully capture you, I use a documentary-style approach. I do not pose clients; instead, I witness and photograph you doing your thing. If it's a family photoshoot,  maybe you're making breakfast, going to the park, celebrating a birthday, taking the dog for a stroll. I want you to be comfy and relaxed, and I'll get to work.

If I sound like a good fit, I'd love to be your go-to photographer. Book a session today, and/or contact me below to say hi.

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