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**1 for 1 program TEMPORARILY ON HIATUS**

Due to the overwhelming generosity of the Baltimore community and the overall success of this campaign,
I'm temporarily putting my 1 for 1 campaign on hold.

I have free sessions to catch up on!

I will let you know as soon as it's back in action.

In the meantime,
enjoy the pics below from families who gave and received sessions.

And book a session for your family and know that the program will return!

  1 for 1   
Family photo sessions


I shoot in a documentary style, a mixture of street, portrait and photojournalism.

 I like to to get a glimpse of a family as they are: real emotions, real connection.


I partnered with the St. Francis Neighborhood Center (SFNC), an organization with a mission to end generational poverty.


With SFNC's Parent Liaison Coordinator, I've created a waiting list of families who will participate in my free photography offer.


I also welcome individual inquiries for this offer, and will work to partner with other family-centered organizations.


I believe that generosity and giving forward can be (and ought to be) the center of a successful business. 

To book a 1 for 1 session (giving a FREE session to another family) please click below.

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