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#3 A Family Reunion with a new family member and a very happily retired military K9

A wonderful couple got married abroad. Travel plans got derailed with Covid, then delayed and ultimately postponed.

The wedding took place and was so lovely, they told me, but they have no photos of the groom and his mom and sister. I got a call for a photoshoot and was all in.

I wanted to meet this couple who had just traveled from Europe to live in Maryland. (I’m keeping this vague b/c I don’t know how much it’s ok for me to share).

Anyway the second I saw this mama I could tell she was beyond happy to have her son back since she just moved back to Maryland to be with him and her daughter and her new daughter in law…and son in law.

Even though she didn’t show the hyper enthusiasm I might have expected her facial expressions told me everything. Comfort. Relief. Restful appreciation. Apprehensive but immeasurable joy.

This hug between mom, sister and son in the first photo says so much. All I asked in this photo as we strolled Lake Roland Park was for them to get together and “get cozy.” I love what seems like the mom’s center of being returning to…center. Maybe that’s a bit dramatic. But maybe it’s true.

It’s amazing what a walk out in nature can do for a family. I’ve seen it so many times in photoshoots and also in my own family.

I understand not everyone can walk comfortably on a trail or not at all anymore due to sickness or age or, in winter, super cold temperatures.

But even just being outside and “getting cozy” whatever that means for you (conversation, storytelling, bird watching, urban exploring) it’s only good if you’re mindful doing it.

If you’re like me (a bit frantic sometimes, easily distracted or at least lured by shiny objects) I recommend safely close your eyes for a few seconds every once in a while. For the anxious mind taking a break from seeing and dipping deeper into your other senses helps. It smooths the way for observation, good things, possibility.

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