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#1 an art show in a repurposed funeral parlor

Updated: Jan 9, 2023

Drumroll please.....#1 shoot of the year: an artshow in a repurposed funeral parlor

This one also speaks for itself. I got a request on a Tuesday morning from the Director of the station North arts district galleries in Baltimore. She messaged me asking me if I was free on Friday… Two days later… for a new gallery opening. I said, yes, I'm free, I'd love to do it!

When I talked to her on the phone, the gig moved from cool to otherworldly. She told me a new gallery was opening the its tall red doors to the public in Station North in a repurposed, and re-furbished funeral parlor.

The exhibit included photographs, paintings, installations, videos and photo books you'd needed to use white gloves to page through all in the spacious and creaky environs of a Baltimore funeral home.

The place was incredible, just the building itself without the art in it is an exhibit in itself. Add artwork, performances, a speakeasy via No Land Beyond, private rooms where it looked like people were conducting séances...and maybe they were.

Also throw in a fragrant assortment of ambient candles, low light and an extravagant staircase and you evening that made me feel both closer to death and closer to life than I'd felt in a long time.

A brush with death.

A brush with life.

Memento mori. "Remember death." Remember that this is temporary. I love the idea and the fact. I adore that I get to bottle each moment in a picture.

Also, these photos got featured in a @Bmoreart write up about the gallery. So, as you can imagine, I was smitten with the whole evening etc etc.

Cheers everyone to the new year!

Note: so many photoshoots did not make this list ONLY because I limited myself to 10!

I thank all of my clients for choosing me to photograph their lives, their businesses, their children, their magnificent events.

I'm looking forward to more photo adventures and opportunities in the new year. Note: I'm starting to new projects for myself.

One is with Second Chance Inc. in Baltimore.

The other is one on unusual pets Baltimore residents have.

Please forward to my new work...and everything in your life that hasn't happened yet.

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