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#4: Christmas-themed Murder Mystery Party 🔪 🎄

A photographer friend asked a week or so before if I had time in my schedule for a shoot in November. I said, “Sure. What kind of shoot? Family, newborn, event? She said…”Well…it’s a Christmas themed murder mystery party. Should be fun!” I was in. There’s a first time for everything especially for photoshoots in EVERY conceivable style.

Coming in at number four on my 2022 photoshoot countdown, this shoot was probably the most bizarre and heartwarming of the year. Over about 2.5 hours I photographed a very odd and delightful family murder mystery dinner party.

After talking with the host about her plan for the extended family murder mystery game right before thanksgiving, I was super intrigued. Mostly because it was a first time for her too and she had no idea what to expect. I’d never photographed one (obvi) and I was intrigued for sure.

I entered the home and met everyone, got a lay of the land, and set out to document the mayhem. They were a funny family and the game, as it turns out, wasn’t grim. Well except for one mystery death. It was Christmas themed and absolutely ridiculous and clever.

Everyone had a role and a character name they memorized practiced pre-game.

The shenanigans involved a break for dinner too with heated up spicy vegetarian lasagna and garlic bread and wine for the adults.

They asked me to pull up a chair and join them at their dining room table. I refused at first because I wanted to keep taking pictures.

But after a while I took the seat that was offered and they gave me a plate ready to go.

It was one of those “How did I get here” moments…seated with a family who wasn’t my own out in Freeland MD (oddly in the same neighborhood where my stepkids live) with a family in costumes - fake beard, glasses, bandages, a chef’s hat and a jester cap surrounded me.

Here are just some of the photos from the cold thanksgiving weekend shoot. Note: the “I DEAD” shirt was the family’s own making. The adorable pooch was an added bonus. 🔪 🎄 🐕

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