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Branding Photoshoot - An Editor’s Debut

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

Kate Ledyard Beck, new Owner & Editor of The Scout Guide Baltimore & Annapolis

I photographed Kate at No Way Rosé, a funky, elegant French Bistro in Federal Hill, Baltimore. Decorated with lush fabric flower walls, velvet pink couches and a handsome retro bar, it's a Parisian fever dream.

And in walks Kate.

In one glance, I could tell immediately Kate is young at heart. Her energy and enthusiasm burst into the venue almost before she did the way she carried it in front of her. She was vibrating and excited, not just for the shoot but for all the newness in her life, especially her new acquisition of The Scout Guide's Baltimore/Annapolis guide.

Along with her outfits, heels, her jewelry sachet and other accoutrement for the shoot, she brought a fun attitude toward the whole experience. And that's what I look for most of all - an openness to try, to fail, to swim, to sink, to play, discover, uncover and indulge in the photo moment.

My friend, the endlessly talented and lovable Allie O'Brien of Amelia, the agency @ameliatheagency, art-directed the morning. Kate and I both knew we were in good hands with Allie and winked at each other a few times knowing we were in the throes of her genius. I set up my lights for this shot and felt the warm glow of something good happening here.

As ya'll know I'm not one for posed shots most of the time. But I understand that, especially for branding shoots, some posed shots are key. This picture encapsulates what I most love to do: I sneak in my favorite shots in the in-between moments where unplanned beauty and fun crackle and pop.

As Allie perfected Kate's hair and fanned out the edges of her chic black dress, I positioned my camera. Just as she looked at me, two friends of hers who were having lunch at a nearby table caught Kate’s eye and - almost as if involuntary - she offered a light quip that had the whole room sharing a laugh.

As soon as I saw her face break from a frozen pose to a face full of light and openness, I took the shot. I knew it was good immediately. And it became one of Kate's favorite shots - the one she used to announce her new role as Baltimore and Annapolis's new Owner & Editor.

Read the linked article below…and meet Kate!

Note: With Kate at the helm, TSG will expand from one guide in 2023 into two separate editions in 2024 - Baltimore AND Annapolis & Eastern Shore. Huge!

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