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Make Sure I'm Not Dreaming

Sometimes I have to make sure I'm not dreaming. My camera and my photography career have morphed into a golden ticket to the backstage of life.

Last month, I got to document a rare and creative sailing client happy hour for the BCT Design Group, a Baltimore architecture agency, during Baltimore's Fleet Week.

That early June evening marked my first experience stepping onto the creaky boards of a real sailboat. When we were comfortably on our way, I got to see heavy canvas sails hoisted into the breeze which got us moving smoothly on that light blue water.

The vessel I had the pleasure of boarding was the Sigsbee, an historic Chesapeake Bay skipjack built in 1901, refurbished and brought back to life by the generous and talented crew at The Living Classrooms Foundation @livingclassroomsfoundation, led by "Captain James” (James Piper Bond).

I took candids throughout the silky voyage from Fells Point toward the collapsed Key Bridge (my first time seeing it so up close and on the water) and on toward the big Navy ships, past Under Armour @underarmour HQ and back to the Living Classrooms pier.

I know I say it a lot but I never know when good things will end or when wonderful people will leave this world. So please know, all previous and current and future clients/friends of mine, how honored I am to be asked to see with you and for you the beauty and thrill in your lives.

To take pictures of an extravagant event is one thing, but to also get to experience it alongside you is a delicacy.

From eccentric 40th birthday parties, to Orthodox Bar-Mitzvahs; from drag queen weddings to record breaking swims, I get to show up for you. And I get to show up how I want to: full of curiosity and a thirst for finding stories, emotions, sights and details worth reliving.

I could really write a book on all these experiences - not the event itself so much as the lingering tingle for life it leaves me with. Maybe in a sense I already am. #bctdesigngroup #baltimorearchitects #fellspoint #sigsbee #sailinglife #baltimorelocal #baltimorephotographer #baltimorewaterfront #saillocal #waterfrontpartnership #sailingphotos #purposeofphotography #eventphotography

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