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Unusual Pet Project: #2 Bearded Dragon (Elliott)

Continuing my Unusual Pet Project, this is Elliott, a very large Bearded Dragon. His mama Haven and her son educated me on behaviors of the little guy while taking care of his needs and desires. These included:

- giving him a bath in the kitchen by dropping little drops of water on noggin

-setting him for sun time under the warmth of a heat lamp in his little greenroom (his mama is a horticulturist!) equipped with a skull ☠️, cactus and a colony of roaches (I’m sparing you the sight of his very alive and frantic cuisine)

- spying on him chilling in his cat window hammock which he adores and must hang out in at once daily so he can keep his very bulbous and highly evolved eye on the neighbors

- and rest in his galaxy-themed tank where his little buddy can watch him and, through a little square they cut for him, he can look out the window and keep himself aware of what’s up in Parkville, MD

He is very smart and has this adorable army crawl type walk.

Fun fact: a bearded dragons beard 🐉 🧔‍♂️ changes color! Orange and red means he’s having a good time and feels pretty calm; dark grey and black are bad news. Could mean he feels cold so he’s turning his skin darker so he can absorb the most heat possible. Fortunately we kept him happy during the shoot and he was a straight up ginger by the time I left. Psych. But he was happy. And freshly cleansed and fed (mealworms, yum.)

Follow me for more. I have so many more from these shoots, from pythons to flying squirrels. For now this is just a taste 🐛

NOTE: As of February 2023, I'm still accepting interested PAWticipants. Here's a link to the Google Form questionnaire. If you, or anyone you know, is interested in volun-telling their animals to participate, please fill out the form and I’ll see your private responses right away.

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