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What makes a family

Updated: Jan 25

Reflecting on family with the Bairds.

Every family, every bustling city, every flock of birds; each clique of high school girls, each sports team, each complicated blended family has a pulse that keeps circulation flowing between them.

Through commonalities or humor or empathy or a mix of a whole bunch of things, a family culture forms and continues forming. Each family also creates a role for each person - a way of making sense of each other when its truly overwhelming to understand anyone, even your own child, your own spouse or sibling.

To keep the family connected, it's all about mutual affection and respect for a higher good - the wellbeing of the group.

The Baird family is one of my favorite kinds of families to photograph - high energy, funny, up for anything and chaotic in the best way because it's fueled by lots of love.

And...add an extra scoop of love because family of four is about to become a family of five. 🍧 I'm so happy for them for having a new cutie on the way. These photos are a few highlights from our spring shoot. The partly cloudy sky gave me room to for a mix of color photos and ones with a creamy black and white look. Tell me your favorite image. I'll pass it on to the Bairds :)

And also tell me what connects your family most. For our family, it's laughing at actually funny things and just goofy stuff + cuteness. I don't know how we'd be if we were constantly making each other laugh or obsessing over our cats and dog. 🐈🐈🐕

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